Lauren Shinske –


Lauren is a senior from Farmington Hills, MI. With a major in Advertising and minors in Public Relations and Retail Management. She hopes to one day work in the automotive industry, specifically in brand management.

Vice President | Courtney Grossman –


A senior from Clinton Township, MI, Courtney loves hot dogs and real dogs. She hopes to take her advertising major and minor in infractions in PR to Chicago to work for Leo Burnett.

Communication Director | Sidney Matthews –


A junior from East Grand Rapids, MI Sidney hopes to one day work for Young and Rubicam, work in their international offices and travel.

Treasurer | Jon Lockman –


From Rochester Hills, MI Jon is majoring in Advertising with a minor in Economics. He is a senior and would love to own his own agency one day.

Speaker Coordinator | Shelby Komar –


Shelby is a junior from Spring Lake, MI. She aspires to one day work at a large ad agency in Seattle.

Creative Director | Katie Schrauben –

A junior fnewpicrom Portland, MI Katie is studying the creative side of advertising and minoring in entrepreneurship. She hopes to one day work as an art director for Nike.

Fundraising Director | Andrea Ball –


Andrea is a senior from Clinton Township, MI and majoring in Hospitality Business. She dreams of one day owning her own business.

Event Director | Brittany Cutler –


A senior from Sparta, MI Brittany is majoring in Advertising with a minor in Public Relations. She enjoys cooking, Netflix, hangin with her dogs and eating sushi.